Location scouting

location scoutingYou can use our location scouting services if you wish to evaluate on-hand different locations for your event or retreat. As the name suggests we will scout various locations by your preselected criteria and hand in the reports you want.

You are organizing a large conference and you want a detailed report on the potentially locations? Or are you looking for a house to rent or buy? You need to organize a team building event and you want details about the area and services? Do you want to find out what are the local home & personal services providers in the area?

We’ll scout for amenities, services, parking spots, restaurants & coffee shops, sport & entertainment venues, local prices, doctors, veterinarians, coaches, home services providers, basically whatever you want.

We are committed to the privacy of our clients. Personal information will only be collected with your consent and will not be shared with any third party in any circumstances.

Our location scouting services include, but are not limited to:

  • house scouting & amenities
  • entertainment venues
  • team building locations, facilities and services
  • residential or apartment building scouting
  • vacation house scouting
  • various business meetings locations